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Makro Group

Makro Engineering

Engineering business unit responsible for lifting and moving cargo. With cranes of up to 1,200 tons, Makro Engenharia is one of the leading forces in the market.

Makro Transportes

Makro Transportes is the branch that operates in the field of special transport. Involved with mining, oil and gas transport, refinery, metallurgy, steel, civil engineering and many other special fields of operation.

Makro Wind

Makro Wind is the business unit that enables wind power projects and their respective preventive and corrective maintenance and service. Expertise in providing maintenance services in assembly as well as both mechanical and electromechanical maintenance.

Makro Serviços

A Makro Serviços é especializada em mão de obra para gestão e movimentação de materiais. Com soluções adaptadas, proporcionamos excelência operacional aos clientes.

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